Meet Dalia Mogahed: The First Hijabi in the White House

The First Veiled Muslim Woman In The White House Dalia Mogahed was propelled into the international spotlight when she became President Barack Obama’s advisor on Muslim affairs. Born in Egypt, she is the president and CEO of Mogahed Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in Muslim societies and the Middle East. She co-authored the book Who Speaks For Islam?What […]


Meet Nzinga Knight, the first Hijabi fashion designer on Project Runway!

Nzinga is an American Muslim fashion designer who also happens to wear hijab! Watch her on this season of Project Runway, premiering on July 24, 2014! Learn more here    


Muslim Women are Happy!

Despite much popular belief, Muslim women are indeed happy, especially with their faith. Don’t believe it? Watch the video, made by and produced by Muslim women.

youngest doctor in the world hijab

Guinness World Record: The Youngest Doctor in the World is a Hijabi

Medicine is one of the most humanitarian professions in the world-yet one of the longest. When someone enrolls in the medicine school, we all know that by the time they finish school they will be around 30-or at least on their late 20′s. But not for this girl; Eqbal Asa’d is a Palestinian Muslim woman […]

First Hijabi Police Woman

Meet Kadra Mohamed, Minnesota (& America’s?) First Hijab Wearing Police Woman!

  Hijab Wearing Muslim Woman sworn into St. Paul Police Department   MUSLIM women during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) were not marginalized or discouraged from active participation and involvement in the development of society. Women were known to accompany the Muslim army in battles to nurse the wounded, distribute […]

  • The hijab wearing motorcycle biker gang of Morocco!

    The hijab wearing motorcycle biker gang of Morocco!

The hijab wearing motorcycle biker gang of Morocco!

Get your motor running … British-Moroccan photographer Hassan Hajjaj has been out on the open road with Marrakech’s biker gangs, who come prepared with polka dot hijabs, Nike djellabah and heart-shaped sunnies. Here’s the best of his series Kesh Angels, on view at the Taymour Grahne gallery in New York City until 7 March   […]

Hijabi Officer Badria Al Swuidi with her Mercedes police car

a hijabican…be a policewoman and drive a million dollar police car

Cops in the fast lane: Female officers patrol in super cars in Dubai   Two Dubai policewomen are the talk of the town as they drive some of the world’s priciest and fastest sports cars to go after bad guys Dubai: Policewomen in glitzy Dubai are literally zooming in style on the front lines of […]

hijabi goes to harvard at age 15

a hijabican…go to harvard at the tender age of 15

Do you know any 15-year-olds who are on their way to Harvard? Meet Saheela Ibraheem (pictured), a senior at Wardlaw-Hartridge School in Edison, N.J. Crediting her parents, who are Nigerian immigrants, for her academic achievements — her father is said to have stayed up at night teaching her subjects not found at school — Saheela’s exceptional journey began as a […]

Rohina Malik Stars in the play written and directed by herself called "Unveiled"

a hijabican…dispel stereotypes through theater

Muslim writer-actress Rohina Malik on ‘Unveiled’ When Rohina Malik fell in love with theater, she was a shy teenager slowly finding her voice in drama class. But to actively pursue theater, well, that’s just not what Pakistani girls did, at least not in Malik’s London neighborhood. Bright daughters of Pakistani immigrants went into law or medicine. […]

Team of Hijab Chicks in the Australian Football League

a hijabican…play in a football league

Muslim women find a new goal with AFL   JUST behind the towering goalposts of the Gallipoli Mosque, in the heart of Sydney’s west, is a sight that would make AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou fall to his knees and weep with unrestrained joy. Here in the heartlands of rugby league, tabouleh and fully-sick cars, […]

hijab muslim woman runs for parliament in pakistan

a hijabi can …defy the odds and run for parliament

In a Taliban hotbed, a woman runs for Pakistan’s parliament (CNN) — Badam Zari is a novelty in the tribal districts of northern Pakistan. Like many women in the towns along the Afghan border, the 38-year-old Zari has only a grade-school education. But unlike others before her, she’s taking her frustrations with conditions in her […]

Film Director Emad Burnat and Family at the Oscars

a hijabi can…go to the oscars

It’s Time America Does the Admirable Thing I was so excited to watch the Oscars this year. As an avid movie-watcher and a lover of pretty dresses (because, yes, I do like to get in touch with my inner-girl every once and a while), the Oscars is truly an event I look forward to every […]

Muslim Woman Hijabi Mayor

a hijabi can…be a mayor

Bosnians elect their first hijab-wearing mayor By AIDA CERKEZ VISOKO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — When Amra Babic walks down the streets of the central Bosnian town of Visoko wearing herMuslim headscarf, men sitting in outdoor cafes instantly rise from their chairs, fix their clothes and put out their cigarettes. The respect is only natural: Babic is their new mayor. The 43 year-old […]

Wearing her hijab, or headscarf, champion speed climbing champion Etti Hendrawati practises for the Extreme Games in Asia

a hijabi can…be a speed rock climber

Wearing traditional Muslim clothes has not slowed an Indonesian woman’s climb to the top of her sport. Matthew Moore reports from Jakarta. When she chalks up to cheat gravity in the climbing events in next month’s Asian Extreme Games, Etti Hendrawati knows she’ll be turning heads. But unlike most of her peers, the 28-year-old Indonesian climber […]

Kulsoom Abdullah, a female weightlifter from the US, was initially barred from competing in the American Open because she donned the Islamic head cover.

a hijabi can…be a weightlifter

American weightlifter, a Muslim woman, wins right to wear hijab during competition   Kulsoom Abdullah, a 35-year old female weightlifter from Atlanta, Georgia, received long-awaited word from the International Weightlifting Federation on Wednesday that she would be allowed to compete in a modified weightlifting uniform that complied with the hijab and her faith. For the […]

Ever heard of a seeing eye horse?

a hijabi can…be guided by her horse

Her assistant, her guide, her horse As a blind Muslim woman, Mona Ramouni has had to make do without a guide dog her whole life. The 28-year-old’s strictly religious parents would not allow a dog in the house, considering the animal unclean. But then Miss Ramouni stumbled across a website article about miniature guide horses […]

muslim hijabi woman in technicolor muslimah

a hijabi can…be in technicolor

Technicolor Muslimah Defying Stereotypes of Muslim Women with Paint! Saba Barnard is a first-generation American woman from North Carolina. Her artistic perspective draws from her experience growing up Pakistani and Muslim in the United States.  Saba’s portraits provide commentary on the labels that we use to identify and separate ourselves, with specific regard to gender, race, and religion.  Her focus […]

"I was with the women accompanying the army, 
and when I learnt that the enemy captured my brother, I did what I did."

a hijabi can…be a legendary warrior

Khawla Bint Al Azwar   Khawla Bint Al Azwar was an extraordinary woman from the early years of Islam. Most of what history tells us about her childhood and environment is quite vague, but provides rich information about her courage that had most likely played a role in strengthening the new religion. Khawla became a legend during her life and remains a […]

hijabi personal trainer

a hijabi can…be a personal trainer

First tell us how to pronounce your name. My name is Mubarakah it is pronounced exactly the way it’s spelled moo-ba-ra-ka.   What language is your name. My name is Arabic, it means “the blessed one”   Were given that name at birth? Yes.   Have you always been into fitness? I have always had […]

Aminah Khan Hijab-ed Girl Scout

a hijabi can…be a girl scout

Last year during cookie season Girl Scout Aminah Khan’s Girl Scout Troop visited the Dallas Refugee Center as part of their Gift of Caring. The Refugee Center provides shelter for adults and children that have been forced to flee their homelands. After their visit Aminah’s troop decided they wanted to do more to help the […]